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Back in 2007 I was 16 years old, and I was a kid who loved the Sonic series growing up. I really enjoyed being creative with learning how to create websites. I wanted to create a new website that focused mainly on Sonic the Hedgehog ROMs, as I felt it was a hassle to find a place that had easy access to Sonic downloads at the time. I wanted to create something unique. A site that made downloads as simple as one click. I then thought up the idea of "Sonic ROMs". The first version was released on 11/20/2007.

Sonic ROMs originally was intended to have only ROMs and Emulators. At one point, we even had Mario ROMs available to download. I didn't want to pile on too much work for myself, and honestly, I did not intend on the site going very far. I focused on making Sonic ROMs as simple for people to find what they want fast, without the need of going through a lot of searching. 

When the site first launched, all it had was a "site counter" to tell me if anyone was actually coming here. I wanted to build not only a website, but a growing community. Steering away from the focus on simply ROMs and Emulators, I wanted to expand Sonic ROMs into something even better: Then came Sonic Zone.

The name change to 'Sonic Zone' happened because as I began adding new features to the site, including Music, and the forum, later expanding to Sonic Zone Live, and Sonic Zone TV. The name 'Sonic ROMs' was starting to feel like it just didn't make sense anymore.

In November 2008, the site only had a shoutbox for people to communicate, and leave feedback. I needed to find something new to make it easier for visitors to communicate. With that, I officially launched Sonic Zone Forum, the same forum you still see today. The forum is something that really helped this place become what it is today, and I've met so many of you because of it. The forum is in my opinion, the best thing to look through, seeing all of the history within it.

Sonic Zone Forum allowed members to not only communicate, but also to download exclusive content. Originally named "VIP Downloads", Sonic Zone Plus offered site contributors to get extra Sonic downloads. I wanted to show my appreciation to those who took the extra time to post, and be an active part of this community.  

At one point, I had a time where I couldn't afford to keep the site going financially, and I thought it would be the end for this place. We had a donation drive in which the community all  pitched in, and thanks to that, we were able to keep this site alive for many years to come.

Sonic Zone has had many changes over the years; some good, and some bad. I wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you who have been a part of the history of this community, and to the few of you who still stop by and say hi. Although I am well aware that Sonic Zone has had its better days, it doesn't take away how thankful I am to have had these 10 years with you, and for all of the laughs and memories.  

To my friends who I consider some of my best friends, I cannot thank you enough. It is an amazing feeling to know I am responsible for so many of you who have become such close friends over the years. I hope to see you all around, and here's to hopefully another 10 years!

- Jonathon, Sonic Zone creator     

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