Beta Sonic Adventure Windy Valley level restored

Started by Elija2, August 01, 2014, 11:40:38 AM

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A beta version of the Windy Valley level in Sonic Adventure 1 was discovered by fans and restored into a playable level. This beta level was shown in early promotional material for the game but for whatever reason was replaced with the final version that we all know. It shares many similarities to the final version but at the same time is completely different. One thing that you'll immediately notice is that the level is much more open than pretty much any other Sonic Adventure level. There are many alternate paths and open spaces to run around in.

If you own SADX on PC you can play the beta level too. The download link is in the video description. Do note that the level is still a bit buggy and the camera has troubles cooperating (but Sonic Adventure is always like that, har har).


Im going to have to check this out looks interesting.