sonic adventure ( review)

Started by sonicfan714, January 07, 2020, 04:34:41 AM

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upon starting sonic adventure I had fairly little expectations toward the title.
of course, I did play and even completed the game, but the community seems to really want to hate on this title due to a certain internet celebrity talking down to it.
however, I feel as if this is the one game that gets the entire idea of sonic the hedgehog right.
why so?
all our main cast feel as if they have specifically adjusted for the new 3d environment; you can really notice this is sonic ,tails , and knuckle's levels.
they surprisingly adjusted their speed so it's easier to make those tight platforms
although there is a lot of speed ramps, dash panels, and auto-run segments.
speed isn't ramped over 100%.
they did this so you could play the game comfortably
-does it age well?
although this title is one of my favorites; I will admit their cutscenes, lip syncing is very shotty.
in addition, after the first update to the game (Sonic Adventure DX: Director's cut)
the game seemed to stray away from their astonishing textures.